Davide Toldo Computer Scientist Welcome to my blog!


Hello, thanks for visiting my website! I'm an IT Security Master student at the TU Darmstadt.
From low-level electronics all the way to high-level programming in mainly Swift, ObjC and Python, I do a lot of stuff, including 3D printing, FPGA, Bitcoin and more, so feel free to check my GitHub.
Always been into security a lot. Lately researched the macOS Bluetooth stack as part of my Bachelor Thesis, implementations are on GitHub.
~ Dave


Prusa i3 MK3 Clone

The MK3 Clone is the project that I'm currently documenting on the blog. I am building a “clone” of the latest version of Prusa Research's very, very popular 'Prusa i3' 3D printer lineup. It's the model Prusa i3 MK3. I use parts bought from different sellers and stores, basically as cheap as possible while still being as close to the “real deal” as possible. Another goal is not to spend money on stuff that is not essential to the benefits of the MK3.



One of the technologies that I really enjoy and like to experiment with is FPGA. So when I heard that in the past, people used them to mine Bitcoin, before ASICS were widely available, I thought to have a try and build such an FPGA design for my Nexys 4 DDR. The System Verilog hardware design runs fine in the testbench and might even be the first Open-Source FPGA miner out there. It's not optimized at all and I also still have to test it on hardware, so feel free to contribute!



As this project is just an implementation / contribution to a larger project, you might want to check out the main project's website. Basically this is a cloud-based, distributed, open source dust sensor + temperature + humidity sensor that everybody can build, just like I did. Then, using the (open source) firmware provided by the creators, the main ESP8266 MCU sends the collected data to their servers and you can view a live map of the current readings of all these little devices that sit in people's front yards, on their balconies or wherever they put them. This provides realistic and unmanipulated readings and information about the air quality.


ZeroCam NightVision Security Camera

The ZeroCam Security Camera is - as its name implies - a little Full HD security camera consisting of a Pi Zero W and a wide-angle IR camera. The Pi uses motion as main motion detection software and my dad and I are currently implementing machine learning to improve the detection of humans instead of general motion in the camera's field of view, thus reducing false positives to a minimum. That way, it's not only going to be usable as a post-mortem system like traditional security cameras, but you might enable notifications and get one everytime a human enters the camera's field of view.


FabLab TU Darmstadt Wiki

Whenever I find the time, I visit my Uni's FabLab where you can 3D print, CNC mill and laser cut stuff and meet great people. We're currently building a GitHub FAQ page with Wiki etc. that you can find here: